Thursday, 15 July 2010

Furniture Hunting

I'm looking for a desk chair, a desk lamp, and some 'storage solutions' (bookshelves and/or filing cabinet/storage boxes). I want something a bit different - by which I really just mean not plain and boring - but am not fussy about style... vintage/retro, but not grotty; or maybe European/antique; or Danish/Swedish; or even new, but just not too utilitarian. I like mixing styles.

So I've been doing a bit of searching around, and came across these sites, which I'm recording here so I can find them later.

Elemental (I've been to their store in Spitalfields; they're also in Selfridges)

Graeme and Green (nice things, quite romantic. I love their mirrored tables, and I got my pineapple lamp from them)

Raft (lots of natural wood)

The Conran Shop (well out of my price range... those Eames chairs - sigh)
This is also a handy site: House to Home

I quite like these desk lamps (from G & G), but they seem only to have them left in red...
This is quite nice too - leather chair from John Lewis - but I'll have to check whether it's comfortable enough.

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