Tuesday, 4 May 2010


We spent a beautiful night in a desert camp in the Sahara, near Ouarzazate. We rode in on camels at sunset.

This was my camel: cheeky fellow.
Part of the camp:
Moroccan tea and almond biscuits on arrival. I love the little details, like the tassels on the edge of the table-cloth.

Our tents - gorgeous to look at, and very confortable inside, complete with hot showers, vanity, toiletries. This is the second time I've spent a night in the desert (the first was in Jordan last year), but whereas last time we were sheltered next to a big rocky hills, this time we were pretty much out in the open, and it was lovely hearing the wind howling in the night, but feeling totally secure in our camp.
Bright sunshine in the morning. Some local Berber kids came to sell us their wares.

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