Monday, 10 August 2009

The Glamorous Life

I'm back from an incredible week in St Tropez. It was like nothing I've experienced before, and I will possibly never experience anything like it again. The town is gorgeous, colourful and chic, but it's also incredibly glamorous and full of people with a lot of money!

I went with two girlfriends, and we made the most of it by spending every day at the beach, eating at a mix of very up-market and very casual restaurants, having drinks at super-glam bars, coffee and a croissant every morning at little local cafes, raiding the markets for hats and cotton dresses, and strolling/shopping the narrow streets.

There were some things which were just out of control, over-the-top, extravagant. We were lying on the beach one day, admiring all the enormous boats just off-shore, and thought "gee, I wonder what that helicopter's doing"... and sure enough, it landed on a boat. We saw Jacques Chirac at the markets (chased by the paparazzi), and again at a stunning restaurant on the beach, very low-key with no security (or at least, none that we could see). Kate Moss's bodyguard stepped on my toe at Les Caves - true story! In some of the more fancy-pants bars and clubs, when a guest orders a magnum of Moet, they play the theme-song from Star Wars and the magnum is delivered to the table with sparklers shooting off the top of the bottle. I've never seen so many Ferraris and Bentleys. (We were super-chic in our Ford Focus!) At one beach club, we tried to order a bottle of rose, and were informed that if we wanted to sit in that particular part of the club, we had to order a magnum. We enquired about the cost of a magnum, and discovered that the least expensive on the list was 650 Euros. Needless to say we asked to be moved! We saw quite a lot of plastic-surgery altered people, and a few too many leopard-print speedos, but also saw some incredibly gorgeous and natural beauties.

Overall, it was a LOT of fun, and it was such a pleasure to spend the week with two lovely friends. The people-watching was superb, and there were a lot of moments where we looked at each other and said "I could get used to this...."

I will post some photos, and a few of the fab places we went to.

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