Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Crazy Days

I was walking to work yesterday, and bumped into one of the guys I work with. He's very English, with a fabulous accent, and we were discussing the hectic day ahead of us (a tight deadline and a mountain of work to get through), and he said that his dread and trepidation brought to mind a Dylan Thomas poem -- which he proceeded to quote to me in full! It's quite lovely, and it's about, broadly, how no matter how wild your dreams, they'll never match the madness of the day.

Here it is:

Awake, my sleeper, to the sun,
A worker in the morning town,
And leave the poppied pickthank where he lies;
The fences of the light are down,
All but the briskest riders thrown
And worlds hang on the trees.

(From 'When Once the Twilight Locks No Longer', Dylan Thomas. See the whole poem at poem hunter)

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